For us moving to Moscow and becoming an expat partner was quite a change compared to our busy full-time working lifes back home. At the start the huge to do list and priority of helping our kids get settled into their new lives kept us pretty busy. Then came the mix of partly enjoying our new freedom and time for ourselves and partly having to re-identify our self without our own career.  All four of us have the drive to explore, to discover the city and to have a very active life. This is how we, together with our friends, discovered so many nice things about this cosmopolitan city.


This discovery was part of the fun, but for many people this sounds like a hassle, so with this website we want to make all Moscow's gems visible and available for everyone. You just need to get out there and enjoy it! And realize having time is such a luxury, but only if you spend your time well.




Dutch - married - son&daughter age 9&12 - foodie - connector - social - enthusiastic - empathic - business development


Dutch - married - two sons age 4&7 - positive - social - active - ambitious - love to travel - foodie - Interim Manager 


Moscovite - married to a Swede -  - son&daughter age 11&13 - open minded - social - foodie - sporty - love to travel 


German - married - energetic - sporty - foodie - social - open minded - love to travel - creative - love interior design - architect


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