A visit to a niche perfume lab

Does Russian perfume even exist? - you may ask yourself visiting any big perfume/ cosmetics store in Moscow. International brands, and non of them are from Russia. Indeed, Russian perfume is created in small private labs and can't be sampled and bought in chain stores (with one exception - Novaya Zarya, but it sell in its own shops).

You can get acquainted with Russian niche fragrances at the fairs like Lambada market and in this secret shop / lab of Olga Gosina.

Join our visit to her studio! You will get acquainted with the fragrances inspired by local nature, animals, Russian soul concepts and folk stories characters. It is a unique chance to try perfume with a smell of Moscow City! Also you will see a collection of historical perfume bottles & advertisements and learn about history of perfume in Russia. The number of participants is limited to 10.

At the end you can choose a 1.5 ml bottle of any perfume and take it as a gift.

October 6th, 19.00 Cost: 2600 rub. Write to tips@moscowliving.org to sign up

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