Walking Tour. Hundred Pianos District

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

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In Tzars' times buying a ticket to the Bolshoi was a task almost impracticable. There were year subscriptions only in stock, and the waiting list for them was moving slower than a human life. Lucky owners of the subscriptions passed them down the line and went to their theater box almost every evening from November to April.

The area between the Bolshoi Theater and the Moscow Conservatory is the city's music cluster: it has the highest concentration of theaters, concert halls and music schools. Learn more about the history of Bolshoi, ballet and drama evolution and see a residential block where a piano in every flat was as essential as a chair or a sofa.

A few more things you will can learn: :

how to store your precious fur-coat during summer;

how an actor prepared to the role;

what tests a kid has to pass to enter a music school.

The tour starts from Teatrnalnaya metro.

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