A Nordic Walk in Peredelkino & Pasternak's House visit

Updated: Apr 27

At least once a month I like our Nordic Walks to splash out of the city limits. This time we go to Peredelkino, a famous dacha settlement near Moscow. Why famous? In 1930s-1960s every Soviet writer dreamed about a house in Peredelkino community, ideally as a neighbor of Boris Pasternak - a Nobel Prize winner (we will visit his house with the tour). Houses here were provided to the top soviet writers for a life-long use and could not be sold or inherited.

Today Peredelkino is a reserve of old dachas framed in pine trees, some of which are functioning as house-museums.

You are welcome to join! Different walks take place every weekend.

A walking distance is about 8 km.

Cost: 2500 RUB. Nordic poles can be provided.

Meeting time: 11.30

Finishing time: we will back in Moscow at about 4 pm

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