A trip to Borovsk - Sunday, 8 of May

May, 8 10 am - 6 pm

A daytrip to Borovsk

Only one place is available in a 6 seat minivan!

Borovsk is a cute slumbering town, public transport from Moscow doesn't reach here. What lets it standing out among other quiet provincial places around the country are wall -paintings created by a local artist. Another genius loci is Konstantin Tsiolkovsky - an eccentric nerd, a self-taught scientist who foretold rockets and space traveling in detail as early as 1904.

The program includes:

Wall-paintings and art objects;

A house and an funny monument of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky;

A monastery with its own very special hero (you could see her on the picture in the Tretyakov Gallery);

Lots of colorful wooden houses with intricately carved frames.

Cost: 5000 RUB. It includes transportation by a comfortable minivan and a visit to Tsiolkovsky's house.

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