Let's Go to Kazan in April!

Updated: Feb 15

A two days guided tour in Kazan in a small group

April 2022, 16-17th

Join in!

Where to go after you have already seen Moscow and St Petersburg? Definitely, to Kazan! Having the population over 1 million people and thousand years of history Kazan is named the third capital of Russia. At the same time it is a center of the Muslim Tatarstan Republic - a place where Islam and Christianity peacefully coexist. This city and its region has truly a lot to offer for a weekend and it is only 1.5 hours flight from any Moscow airport!

Below is the itinerary of a small group tour we organize in the middle of April. By the

way, spring usually comes to Kazan earlier!

Saturday, the 16th
A day in Kazan

1. You will start the day with a visit to the white-stone Kazan Kremlin - a place where the newly-built mosque of Kul Sharif and the old Annunciation cathedral stand side by side.

2. The guide will walk you along the pedestrian Baumana street and will tell about all the gems of it.

3. It is time to eat something! You will have a chance to savor the traditional tea ceremony, try your hand in preparing the national delight - gubadia (an incredibly tasty pie with an unusual filling, which can be sweet or savory) to bring home a new recipe.

4. Travel through the 1000-year history of Kazan in a comfortable vehicle you’ll stop to see the Kremlin embankment, take a look at marvelous Ministry for Agriculture and Food, Kazan Family Centre and other attractions of the city.

5. At the end of the day the guide will take you to the charming Tatar settlement - a place where traditional ways of life are carefully preserved in the huge city. You will see brightly colored wooden houses, visit 17th-century mosques and learn about community life there. Your guide will share stories about the Tatar traditions, religion, moral values, and culinary delights.

Sunday, the 17th
A visit to Sviazhsk

Sviazhsk is a scenic island located 60 km from Kazan and surrounded by the waters of the Volga, Sviaga, and Schuka rivers. It was built as a fortress on the top of the hill by the order of Ivan the Terrible as a Russian outpost in the Tatar land. Later it became an important spiritual center. And in 1957 the raised water level in the Volga (done for the power plant purposes) turned it into a island. Recently built dam made it possible to reach the town by car.

During your tour you'll stop to see the wooden Trinity Church built without nails, visit the main cathedral and find some preserved original frescoes, where one says you can see the image of Ivan the Terrible while alive. In Stalin's times, Sviazhsk was turned into a prison of GULAG system.

Sviazhsk is not only a religious or historic site. It is a lively place with cheerful, creative people. While walking around the island, you can visit a historical reconstruction center, experience (at extra cost) bow and arrow shooting, get gifts from the local craftsmen, or try historical costumes.

On your way to Sviazhsk, you'll stop to see a very curious temple. It is the Temple of All Religions. With stunning domes and intricate facades, the temple reflects the peaceful coexistence of several religions.

Cost of participation: 10 950 RUB per person for two days

It includes: 2 days guiding, a cooking class, driving services, entrance fees.

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