Alexander Solzhenitsyn's apartment visit

In 1962 a literature magazine "Novy Mir" ("New World") published a novelette "One Day of Ivan Denisovich" by a previously unknown math teacher from Ryazan - Aleksander Solzhenitsyn. The story was a description of one absolutely ordinary day in a labor camp of Ivan Denisovich, a peasant and a soldier, sentenced to 10 years of camps for "espionage". It was the first fiction story about Stalin's camps, and it was published when many of the camps survivors were still alive. The issue of "Novy Mir" # 11 where the novelette was printed was immediately sold out. People were asking for it in libraries as "the one where all the truth is written" - not always remembering its exact name. The survivors sent letters to Solzhenitsyn telling about their experience. Based on these (hundreds of) letters, Solzhenitsun's next famous book "Gulag Archipelago" was written about ten years later. However, in the 1970ss the country turned away from "Stalin's cult denunciation", Solzhenitsyn was proclaimed the enemy of the state #1 and eventually was sent out of the country. The apartment on Tverskaya which we will visit was a setting for these dramatic hide-and-seek style combat of the 1970ss.

The maximal number of people for the tour is 5. The cost is 1500 RUB. Write to or send a PM to sign up.

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