Aliye Parusa - midrange supermarket

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Aliye Parusa used to be a high end supermarket, but the quality and selection of their fruits an vegetables is average. They do have a very wide selection of dairy and cakes and prepared food. Also their non-food offerings a very good. They do have some special products we haven't found anywhere else like tasty (and not to creamy) peanut butter (beurre de cacahuetes) and unsweetened cereals.

Our favourites:

- Landliebe - natural high quality drinkable yoghurt (natural & flavoured)

- huttenkase - "tvorog"

- pearl couscous "pasta"

- bulgur

- cooked sausage for sandwhich - less garlic

- crispy fried onions

- Beurre de Cacahuetes - European style peanut butter

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