All Shostakovich symphonies in Zaryadye Hall

Only 50% of seats are being sold in the theaters and concert halls of Moscow now - it is the last remnant of the quarantine in Russia.

Yesterday I went to Zaryadye Concert Hall to their first concert of the Shostakovich cycle - all his symphonies will be performed during the year.

With only half of the seats sold this was a genuinely premium experience! You can enjoy a lot more room with the seats on the left and rights of you empty, it is quicker to buy drinks in the intermission, and the line to the cloakroom was twice shorter than normal. I am not sure the tickets became twice more expensive as well - their cost was still quite moderate, especially considering the famous conductor.

The next symphonies of Shostakovich will be performed in Zaryadye Hall on the 26th of February, 11th and 18th of March.

Metro: Kitay-Gorod, Ploschad Revolutsii

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