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Animal care - cat vet & hotel

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Our friends with cats can highly recommend Vladimir as a vet. His mom can help out with relocation of pets, so this is very convenient.

Vet: Vladimir


-fluent in English and experienced in treating cats and dogs. From general vaccinations to severe diseases.

-truly cares about animals

-pick up and drops off from your door if necessary/needed

-reasonable consultation fees

-reliable and fast responses

-many expats families use his/his family’s services (relocation)

-wide range of services from microchip for relocation to home treatments for animals 

Cat hotel: Sir Cat

- they have 247 online monitor where you can see your cats when you are not with them.

-they pick up and drop off from your door

-reasonable rates

-the staff plays with your cats daily

-they have different sizes of glass walled rooms where your cats aren’t in a cage

-you supply your cat's bed, favorite toys and foods for them to feel as comfortable as possible while you are away

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