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Animal care - dog vets&hotels

In need for a veterinarian for your vet: who to call?

For standard and small issues like vaccinations, cutting nails, checking the ears of your dog you can call the following veterinarians. They will come to your house to check and help you with your animal. Both vets can also assist you with the paperwork when you want to travel with your animal (see below). They speak English.

Olga: email: olga_ivcp@mail. ru mobile number: +7 (896) 2962 9274

Valeria: email:

For more serious issues we really recommend you to go to an official pet clinic where they have the instruments and machines to make echos, X-rays, etc. and where they have space to leave your pet behind in case of an emergency. Always ask for an English speaking veterinarian if possible. We would recommend the following clinic, they have various clinics around the city.

Белый Клык

Phone number: +7 (495) 927 0077 (this is the one in Mitino)

When traveling abroad with your animal:

Make sure your vet received its vaccinations at least 2 months before you travel an also start the paperwork around this time. Especially around the summer, both Olga and Valeria are very busy with this time-consuming paperwork so they appreciate it if you do not call them in the last minute. Besides, you risk not being able to get your papers ready in time. All animals traveling abroad need a special certificate which you have to show to the veterinarian institution at the airport. They will put it in their system and you will get a stamp in your passport. Make sure you get at the airport in time!! There might be more people waiting and the procedure takes a while. Take at least one hour more before checking in! You can also do the day before: the stamp is valid for 24 hours. You can go without your pet in this case (less stress!).

Dog hotels:

When you are looking for a dog hotel: Unfortunately there are not a lot of options in Moscow to leave your dog. If you have a small dog or a big one which is easy to handle, you might be able to find a housekeeper which is willing to take care of your dog while you are away. If not: please check the following website: • Julia’s Dog Hotel Temporary pet boarding, located 60 km outside of Moscow. (scroll down for English) +7 (916) 880 26 09 Her English is poor, but you can send her a message in English and she will write back in English. In our opinion, it was not an ideal place since she accepts many dogs during the big school breaks but we are not aware of other options.

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