Archangelskoye - a scenic stroll in a classical estate

Yusupovs - the richest family of Russia in the 19th century. Maybe you have visited their palace in St Petersburg or heard about the murder of Grigory Rasputin committed by the young prince Felix Yusupov. Yusupovs had country palaces in Crimea, Tsarskoy Selo and - in Archangelskoe near Moscow. Yusupovs bought this land in 1810 and created an ideal, midel estate here.

In front of the palace (it is being restored now and it is reopening is scheduled for 2022) there is a regular, Versailles style park with shaped trees, green corridors, marble statues and busts. The park ends with a observation platform with river and forest view on the other side - it is barricaded due to renovation at the moment (May 2021). However you can go down to the river and enjoy a soothing stroll by the water.

Behind the palace the "natural", "wild" part of the park is hidden - fantastically fragrant, ancient and calming.

The restaurant Dacha №7 with a peaceful summer terrace can be found in the middle of the park, near the Collonada - Yusupov's Pantheon.

Archangelskoe is 10 minutes drive from MKAD, to the West.

To get there just type Архангельское / Archangelskoye in Yandex.Navigator and it will lead you to the parking.

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