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Armory Chamber - March 20th

A guided tour on the 20th of March, Saturday, 10 am.

2500 RUB per person

Duration - 90 minutes

Sign up -

The Armory Chamber - sounds like there are only arms and weapons. However, this museum in the Kremlin is a collection of Tzars' treasures of all sorts - here you can see heavy thrones adorned with precious stone, fur-trimmed crowns, empresses' dresses with an inhumanly slim waist, gorgeous - but shaky - carriages. Arms and weapons are also here - mostly ceremonial, richly adorned, or brought to Russia by ambassadors of the other countries.

Before 2020 I used to work in this museum several times a week. It has been over a year I have not entered its doors! I hope to find the Monomach Hat in its place.

The Hat of Monomach was the most sacred regalia of the Russian Tzars. On each new coronation, it was placed on the new ruler's head to be put aside until the start of the next reign.

I have to say, that the cap's name - "of Monomach" - is an unblushing political manipulation. Konstantin Monomach was the Byzantine emperor who, according to the legend, gave this hat to his grandson Vladimir - a prince of Russia. For ages the gift from the Byzantine monarch served as a confirmation of Vladimir's dynasty supremacy over their competitors. However, historians doubt this tale: Vladimir was only two years old when Konstantin died. The cap could have been made in Moscow or even be a gift from Mongols - the worst possible origin from the political point of view.

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