Around the White House

During the 20th century the more liberal periods in Russia interchanged with the more autocratic times every 15-20 years. Each cycle expressed and promoted its key values in its own favorite forms of architecture. Let's compare the egg-shaped Planetarium of the 1920s and the fanciful Stalin's skyscraper, the ascetic NarKomFin residential block and a rich facade of the old American embassy, the boxy Government House and the pretentious entrance of the Moscow Zoo to talk about the ways of Russia in the last 100 years.

The Government (the White) House will be in the focus of our attention as a stage for two main coups of the 1990ss - the fall of Gorbachev in 1991 and the fall of true Democracy / the final victory of Democracy (depending on the one's viewpoint) in 1993.

As a cherry on top - some stories about the inhabitants of the Moscow Zoo.

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