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Asia Supermarket - Great Selection of Asian Food

Updated: Dec 26, 2021


This is a great store if you crave for Asian food in Moscow. They sell Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese ingredients and their selection is wide, carrying more than 2000 items. The store has a nice section of fresh exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Typically, you would recognize that Asian shops outside of Asia are rather simple and basic. But this is not the case with this one. Here you will get a very pleasant shopping experience: the display is well organized and everything looks fresh.

We brought home giant avocados, fresh Thai lime grass and leaves, Thai aubergines, Japanese onigiri (rice balls wrapped in seaweed) and salty rice crackers from Vietnam. We had a simple lunch on the terrace of the cafe which also belongs to the supermarket. The food was good but too much adopted to the Russian market for our taste. This is unfortunately often the case in Moscow.

Asia supermarket's location is not far away from the city center and is situated just outside the two big Art and Design Centers Flacon and Hlebozavod, which are definitely worth a visit anyway.

Location: Novodmitrovskaya1, str 2 (on the grounds of Flacon Art and Design Center)

Metro: Dmitrovskaya

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