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Avant-garde in the Tretyakov

Sunday 14/11/2021

11 am

“A donkey with a paintbrush attached to his tail could do the same” - Ilya Repin, a rewarded artist, said scornfully about the works of a new generation of painters in the 1900ss.

But today Russian avant-garde is recognized as one of the world art pillars. These vivid, unconstrained, daring paintings is the best you can feed your eye with in November, when it is dark and gray. The last decade before the revolution Russia witnessed a burst of creative energy and diversity of forms and philosophies of art.

Primitivism replaced Symbolism, which, in its turn, gave way to Cubism just to be nullified by Suprematism a few years later: in 1915 Kazimir Malevich painted his provocative “Black Square” proclaiming an absolute end of art.

Cost: 2000 RUB (including gallery’s admission)

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