Bakery cafe's - Patriarchy Pond

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Walking around in Patriarchy Pond gives you the cozy cosmopolitan city vibe. With new, cool places popping up every day. Here we will list our favorite bakery cafe's where you can get a good coffee, a nice cake and buy crispy bread to bring home.

1 - Remy's Kitchen

This bright, colorful place is perfect for a cup of coffee and cake. For dinner it's not very special (with the "chocolate cloud" as an exception!). Their Peruvian purple bread is the perfect excuse to go here, bring it home!

Location: Malaya Bronnaya/Tverskoy Bulvar

2 - Maritozzo

The interior is a bit sterile, but the quality of the cakes&food is very good. Try the hamburgers for lunch! In summer they have a nice outside bench. Also their salted crackers, bread and mortadella sausage is very good to bring home.

Location: Malaya Bronnaya 24

3 - I love Cake

If you're into sweets, this will be your heaven. Any cake or sweet you want you can find here. The interior is not very special, but quality of the sweets outstanding.

Location: Bolshoi Patriarchy pereulok 4

4 - Кулинарная лавка братьев Караваевых

(Culinary shop Karavaevykh brothers)

This bakery & caterer has it all. Delicious sweets and super tasty food that you can take out. Try the Singapore style rice and chicken Teryaki. They have multiple locations that vary in coziness, but take-out is always a good option here!

Location: Spiridonovka Ulitsa 25/20

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