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Barefoot path - a park stroll as an adventure

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Walking barefoot helps reduce tension, strengthen small stabilizing muscles in your feet, and add new senses into you day. If simple strolling in a park feels a bit plain to you, here is a way to make it more of an adventure.

A 3.6 km Barefoot Path in Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island) park is paved with different amazing textures like cones, gravel, sand, mud, moss and wood. Some of them, like cones or gravel, feel a bit sharp, but it is so sweet to deep your feet into cold stream afterwards!

You can leave your shoes in a special building at the entrance; here you can also wash your feet after completing the route. The ticket price is 700 RUB, children go for free or on a discounted price.

To get there search for Dendrary in Yandex.Maps. It is a few km beyond MKAD. The nearest metro to take a taxi from is Schyolkovskaya.

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