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We were just about to write an overview of the best Moscow beaches and then we saw this post of Moscowgoesout. Because we couldn't agree more we asked for permission to share this content, so here it is. An overview of Moscow's best city beaches.

Do realize that some of these beaches are pretty pretentious and expensive but on a hot summer day it can be a nice way of relaxing. Although it's not a beach, our favorite hot summer day activity is still Luzhniki pool, see our separate post on this.

And if you're adventurous, check out a new hidden gem across the water from Royal Beach: Pokrovsky Bereg beach. Take the metro to Sokol and then marshutka 412 until the end. Continue a 5 min walk up the hill and you'll see a beautiful park with beach, minigolf, playgrounds and an outdoor gym.

Moscowgoesout beach special:

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