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Best Georgian restaurants in Moscow


With Georgia as its neighbour and former part of the Soviet Union, it's not a surpise that Moscow is packed with Georgian restaurants. But the quality and atmosphere differs a lot, so it's time to share our favorites:


This is our favorite Georgian restaurant because of the combination of quality & atmosphere. We've been back many times, whether it's for a romantic dinner or with a group of friends, we just love this warm setting. A trendy, industrial, but warm brick stone interior, great Georgian food and very friendly and good service. They also have a good selection of wines that they will be happy to advise you. In summer they have a few outdoor tables, which is a nice setting at Patriarchy's Pond.


Kazbek is located on 1905 Goda and is not only beautifully decorated, but also serves very tasty Georgian food. Besides a brilliant private room, they have the nicest roof deck of the city with river view on the Radisson hotel. Perfect for a romantic night out, a group dinner or a party!


We love Didi especially in summer because of their cozy courtyard. But since the food is definitely good and the interior also attractive you can visit this place year round. The quiet & cozy courtyard hidden behind Tverskoy Bulvar is very unique and is the perfect terrace for tasty Georgian food. The service is good and the atmosphere is great!

4- VYSOTA 5642

This Russian/Georgian restaurant uses only local & fresh products from the Mount Elbrus region and you can taste that by the excellent quality of the food! Whether it's grilled chicken, tomatoes or burrata, all dished are simple, pure and very tasty. Everything is prepared traditionally in the open kitchen which covers 1/3 of the restaurant. The interior is a bit modern aristocratic, but definitely cozy.


Elardji is a Georgian restaurant in Arbat and they have a nice outdoor terrace with some small farm animals. The interior is a bit too classical for our taste. But it's perfect to keep the little ones happy during a dinner or lunch. And a perfect quiet, cozy summer setting.

And if you love Georgian food as much as we do, why not visit this beautiful & raw country? We were very positively surprised on our trip to Georgia, check our blog for inspiration:

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Photo credits: restaurant Facebook pages & Kudago

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