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Updated: Mar 20, 2020


Vietnam might be one of the best holiday destinations ever! It just has it all, from white sandy beaches, to beautiful nature to vibrant cities. And not to mention the almost year round sunny weather and the amazing food! The food is so fresh and healthy that we just can't get enough of their "Pho Bo" noodle soup, fresh springrolls, pomelo shrimp salad, fresh fruit and all the other local specialties they prepare.

Besides the food and the many interesting and different destinations Vietnam has to offer, what we like best about Vietnam is its people. It's quite rare that such a popular country still has such a warm & friendly approach by the locals. The atmosphere in Vietnam is very relaxed & safe. This might be a result of the relatively recent development of this country and might be spoiled over the years. So make sure you plan a visit soon to fully enjoy it!

Our personal recommendations based on several trips are:

- Ho Chi Minh city: vibrant & trendy city. Stay in:

- Phu Quoc: raw tropical island. Stay in:

- Hoi An : beach & cozy town:

- Halong Bay: beautiful nature:

- Hanoi: cultural capital:

- Sapa: hiking in the ricefields

This is your perfect winter or spring break destination as you can fly directly from Moscow. The country is big, so if you want to travel around take some flights. Think twice about booking tickets with "VietJet", because they will almost guaranteed be delayed or just canceled without a proper notice. So if you need your trip to be efficient, we advise you to fly with another airline.

And if you need inspiration on where to go, what to do and where to eat, check out this local website by expats we used when we were there The concept of this website is the same as Moscowliving, which explains why we love it so much ;) We used "The Grapevyne" during our 6 week stay in Vietnam and were never dissapointed by their recommendations. So check it out yourself and be inspired for your next trip!


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Photo credits: the Grapevyne

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