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Best Netflix series - Top 11

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is the perfect time to become a Netflix fan as you have a lot of time to kill in this home quaranteening. But what are the best Netflix series that will keep you occupied for a while? We list our favorites and please share yours!

1 - La Casa de Papel

This is the perfect combination of action, intelligence, atmosphere, love and friendship! The story about a heist of the Bank of Spain is so well thought trough that it keeps on surprising you. There is a bit of violence, but the essence is about strategy and friendship. You will fall in love with the main characters and the continuously changing plans to succeed in this heist. If you have a chance put the main language on Spanish with English subtitles as it just suits the juiciness story much better. Enjoy!

2 - Narcos

We have to admit, Narcos is not for everyone's taste. But please give it a shot and try to look at it from a historical perspective and enjoy the well created image of the Narcos empire in Columbia and later Mexico. Start with the Colombian Narcos and then continue with "Mexico" as it is chronological. It's extremely violent, but at the same time entertaining, funny and exciting as you know it's based on true events.

3 - Peaky Blinders

The first 3 episodes we were not convinced, but then we were hooked! The atmosphere in this industrial time in Birmingham is spot on! The story is about a family and how they are growing a quite violent empire by starting several lucrative business opportunities, which gives them control over the city. Even though it's quite violent, it's worth to watch with impressive acting performance of the main character "Tommy" and his brother "Arthur". You will even start to like these violent guys.....

4 - The Crown

The Crown is an absolute must see! It's completely different than our top 3 as the pace is quite slow and the whole serie is very delicate. But knowing this is based on true

events it is such a nice sneak peak into the British royal families life. We especially love prince Philip's character & adventures and the acting performance of Queen Elizabeth's role is outstanding!

5 - Ozark

This is a very original storyline about a decent middle-class family who accidentally gets involved in money laundry for drugs dealers. The more the story evolves the more the family gets wound up in it and this leads to funny situations.

6 - Unorthodox

This mini-series is really impressive. It is about a young Jewish woman who flees her ultra-Orthodox community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and tries to navigate not just a new life in the secular world but her memories of life back home. The cast is amazing and with the beautiful costumes and sets, the series gives an extremely realistic insight in the culture.

7 - Call the midwife

This is also not the fastest series, but we loved it! It is based on the memoires of a young British midwife in the fifties. She moves to a monastery in Poplar, London from where nuns and non-nuns work as midwives. The friendships, love stories and interesting insights in important (medical) historical milestones make it a pleasure to watch.

8 - Fauda

Fauda is a very high paced and exciting series about the struggle between Israel and Palestina. Because of the intense and realistic storyline that match current day events it is very interesting to watch.

9 - Grace and Franky

A series that makes you laugh. It's about a friendship that grew from a shared destiny. The husbands of Grace and Frankie confess that they are gay and want to get married at a dinner. As a result, the lives of the two over 70-year-olds are completely turned upside down and both have to start all over again. It's a funny series about friendship, age and the not so easy family life. Very entertaining and ideal if you just want to turn your head off.

10 - Formula One

Even though we're not really a Formula One addict, the series has inspired us, carried us away and even made us a bit of a fan. In this documentary, every episode shows the history and the fate of the individual drivers, their dreams and also their willingness to take risks. The scenes were so impressive, they even sometimes gave us goosebumps. So if you're into action and fun, you should definitely watch this series.

11 - The Goodwife

The Goodwife is definitely not the best series out there, but if you're looking for a typical chick flick where you can just relax and shut off your mind it's perfect! Enjoy this serie about a career woman and love, divorce, affairs and juicy law cases.


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