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Ordering Groceries Online - 6 websites and apps

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

If we should be grateful to the pandemic for anything good, this should be the fast progress in grocery delivery. I remember how hard it was to draw yourself out of the house on a winter evening in, say, 2016! Now almost every chain of supermarkets in Moscow delivers itself or by some partnering service.

You can use Google Chrome browser which can automatically translate these websites for you. Communicating with delivery service feels better though when you know some Russian.

Utkonos - the oldest Russian online supermarket

Here you can get all the food you can imagine, as well as all household items, pet food, cosmetics, etc. The prices are normal to rather cheap, the delivery is very reliable. With Utkonos an account must be put on, over which you orders then. This process is very easy and as soon as you have an account, previous deliveries can be repeated easily, and you don't have to search for the products for a long time. The website is very simple and clearly divided into categories. You can pay either online, or directly at the front door in cash or by card.


Perekrestok - good for ordering in big quantities

Perekrestok is comparable to Utkonos. The range of products is just as wide and you get everything you need. Also the price level is about the same. The website is clearly divided into categories and it is very easy to order larger quantities. So also here you should plan ahead. Here you don't have to create an account, but you can do so to make future purchases easier. Payment can be made either online or directly at the front door in cash or by card.


Sbermarket delivers from almost any shop

We have used this service several times to order food, cleaning products and other necessities from Metro. Sbermarket allows ordering from various Moscow stores: Metro, Aschan, Azbuka Vkusa, VkusVill, Selgros, etc.


VkusVill - no minimal order

ВкусВилл are small shops scattered around the city. It grew into a big chain in recent years. All products (no artificial ingredients) are sold under VkusVill brand, so if you liked something it will be hard to find it in another place. For the same reason it is better to visit their physical store first and get acquainted with what they sell to feel more confident ordering online later. The great advantage of this shop is that there is no minimum order for a delivery. It can literally be one loaf of bread they will bring in 2 hours.

Azbuka Vkusa - the most expensive option

An upper price range supermarket. It has a great selection and variety of products, including the imported ones, but compared to the other suppliers, it is tangibly more expensive.


If you need something right now:

Yandex Lavka

Yandex Lavka offers deliveries within 20 minutes. Which is perfect if you need something urgently. They have all kinds of things from bread, batteries, ice cream and even toilet-paper ect., but the selection is not the biggest. Sometimes they don't have all items availabe, but most of the time they restock the next day. The order usually goes directy to a supermarket close to your house, where they prepare everything and the delivery person from Yandex will pick it up from there. See all the order details and how it works in our article about Yandex Lavka.

One more tip, since almost all websites are in Russian, we recommend you to open them with "Google Chrome" browser, so the website is immediately translated into English, which makes ordering much easier.

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