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Best pizza places - Moscow

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

There are numerous pizza places in Moscow, but the quality varies a lot. We list our favourites and describe the style, to help you pick your preferred pizza place.

Is your favourite not listed? Please send us an email on and we'll check it out!

1- Pinzeria by Bontempi

A casual, brick style interior with very tasty, crunchy pizza's on a wooden plate. It's a perfect place for lunch or early dinner with the kids, but don't forget to make a reservation as this place is always packed!

Location: near Christ the Savior church & Usachevsky market

2- 22 cm

It is all about Neapolitan pizza here! We ordered a burrata pizza for take away. Dough and topping were totally in our taste. A perfect place to have a quick lunch or order home.

Location: Solyanka, 1/2, entrance from Zabelina st.

3- Bro & N

This place has the nicest setting for a pizza place in this overview. Modern, colorful & bright in Patriarchy Pond. Thin&crispy crust with a tasty variety of toppings.

Location: Malaya Bronnaya 27/14

4- Zotman

The most traditional of all pizza places listed with a normal size pizza and crispy crust. But very high quality and a cozy atmopshere inside. Also perfect for delivery!

Location: Bolshaya Nikitskaya 23/17

5- Pizzamente

This place offers traditional Napoletan pizza's. You can choose between white and rye dough and the texture is very good, crunchy and airy. They also have sweet pizza's! Perfect for lunch, low key dinner or delivery.

Multiple locations

6- Donna Margarita

This place is the most traditional in terms of atmosphere. The pizza's have a very thin&crispy crust with an interesting variety of toppings. Also their pastas are very nice!

Location: 1905 goda Ulitsa 2

7-Scrocchiarella e Morbidella

Roman and Neapolitan pizzas are served in a modern and fancy interior.

Salads and pastas are another great option. Upstairs is a large private room for a larger group. Such a nice place for a family dinner or lunch!

Location: Smolenskaya 6

Photo credits: restaurant Facebook pages & websites

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