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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

There are many cool outdoor playgrounds throughout the city. Because it's not always clear where they are, we asked our friends which playgrounds they like best. Here we share the best playgrounds in Moscow with you per neighborhood and we also tell you where to get a drink or a bite along the way.

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Delegatsky park (age 1-16)

This new playground is heaven for kids as it has a lot of different options, from football courts, to climbing, sliding and a cable track. In the winter they will make it into a great winter playground, so bring your sledge!

Location: Delegatskaya Ulitsa, Delegatsky park, close to Hermitage garden

Cafe's: "Da Pino" Italian restaurant with kids masterclasses, playroom and animators

Hermitage Garden (age 1-5)

This park has the perfect downtown location, close to Patriarchy Pond and Tealtranya. Therefore options are limitless when it comes to nearby cafe's and restaurants. The playground is nice for the really young ones, up to age 6 and it also has a kids theatre. In winter there's an ice rink and throughout the year there are many activities&festivals.

Location: Ulitsa Karetnyy Ryad 3

Cafe's: Tealtranya area or Veranda 32.0 inside the park

Double Whammy Arbat playgrounds (Lighthouse playground)

We suggest you start at "the plastic jungle playground".  There are lots of bright plastic climbing frames, a sandpit and some swings.  The space is covered by lots of trees so is perfect in the summer. It's cleared from snow in the winter and is very quiet at the weekend.

Walk past the football pitch and through the arch to Starokonyushennyy pereulok.  Cross the road to the 'lighthouse playground' which has a nice selection of climbing frames, one topped with a lighthouse. Location: Between 6 Kaloshin Perelok and 30 Starokonyushennyy Perelok. Cafe's: grab a coffee from Jeffrey's anti-cafe or have kids proof lunch at Andersons or Elardji. See our blog:

Malaya Bronnaya 8 playground (age 1-5):

If your kids need a break while you are strolling through Patriarchy Pond area, this is a very good option for the little ones. It's covered by trees, always quiet and especially the train and swing are popular.

Location: Malaya Bronnaya 8, pass the "slagbaum" and enter the alley trough the apartment building on your right.

Cafe's: Any of the nearby bakery cafe's:

21 Spiridonovka Ulitsa (age 1-5):

This is a nice big and safe area with 2 playgrounds and a football pitch.

Location: 21 Spiridonovka Ulitsa

Cafe's: Grab coffee and warm blini's at "the brothers cafe"


Playground Gorka (age 3-12):

This is a real rough & edgy playground on a beautiful location in Chistye Prudi. It has several areas, with climbing facilities and a stretch of grass where you can relax or play ballgames. This makes it suitable for different ages.

Location: between Bolshoi Spasoglinishevski perelok and Petroverigski perelok

Cafe's: Check out one of many great cafe's in our Chistye Prudi blog:


Tagansky park playgrounds (age 1-12):

In this park there are 3 different playgrounds close to each other and suitable for different ages. There is also a water fountain place and a water&sand playground which is great in summer. There's also a kids theater "Domik Funny Bell", which offers great plays for the kids.

Location: Tagansky park


Luzhniki Korablik playground (age 1-12):

The nice thing about this playground is it's location at the river side of Luzhniki complex facing Moscow University. Therefore it's perfect to combine with a nice stroll or bike ride along the river with the kids.

Location: Luzhniki sports complex between stadium & aqua complex (half way the complex at the river side). Parking available.

Cafe's: There are no real nice cafe's in this area, so if you want to combine it with lunch we suggest you go by car to nearby Usachevsky market. see our post:

Gorky Park Salyut playground (age 1-16):

Although Gorky's "old" playgrounds were quite boring, the new one is the opposite and it's Russia's largest open-air playground. It's huge with interactive water setups, swings, slides and everything you can imagine. Go early though, because after 11.30 this place gets overcrowded and it's hard to keep track of your little ones.

Location: Gorky park, behind the "Pionerskiy" (swimming) pond (not the waterbike pond!)

Cafe's: Pho or any of the Gorky cafe's

Photo credits: Tripadvisor, Welcome abroad & self made

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