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Best restaurant deliveries in Moscow


It is amazing to see how Moscow restaurants adopt to the current quarantine situation. In a short time a large number of nice restaurants either connected to Yandex.Eda or Delivery Club services or extended their delivery zone to the whole Moscow area. Some restaurants launched prepare-yourself concepts where customers for example get a chance to buy a hamburger set, marinated fish/meat or broth & noodles to do the last preparation on their own. This is a quite smart solution if you live farther away from a restaurant and are concerned that your order gets cold on the the way to your home. Another smart addition to the delivery menus is an option of ordering freshly baked bread.


Gorynich is one of our favorite restaurants in Moscow. Their creative pizzas and delicious hamburgers from their delivery menu are a must! And you can not go wrong in your order. Recently Gorynich has added a sushi section and a barbecue shop to their delivery menu. In the barbecue section they offer meat, chicken, fish for cooking on a grill or stove at home. There is a nice selection of sauces and freshly baked bread, which was actually still warm from the oven when we got our delivery home. Their bread with seeds is addictive! Delivery through their website.

Tokyo Sushi

We like Tokyo sushi a lot for the freshness of the fish and quite reasonable pricing for the quality you get. They have a great selection of rolls and tasty poke bowls. Sushi delivery can be combined with delivery from their Italian sister restaurant, which is convenient if not everybody in your family likes sushi. Delivery through Yandex. Eda / Delivery Club app or website.

Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn pizza is one of our favorite pizza deliveries in Moscow. The dough is great and the variation and quality of toppings is very nice too. And they have a super tatsy sauce for the pizza crust. The easiest way to order is through the Yandex. Eda application.

Bro and N

Also one of our favorite restaurants is Bro and N, which currently offer delivery service. Here you can order authentic Italian pizza, which is really delicious. Pizza Margherita is by far our favorite pizza, but the other pizzas and pasta dishes are also highly recommended. And the breakfast is also very tasty, so this is a great way to get the brunch feeling home. Ordering is very easy via Yandex Eat delivery app.


A new sushi restaurant which we discovered is Bluefine. You simply order via the delivery club app or their website, the delivery time takes usually 1-1,5 hours so make sure to order in time. The Sushi is incredibly delicious, as well as the tacos and the Sashimi. We were thrilled by the quality and delicious taste of the food.


Also one of our favorite restaurants, which currently deliver throughout Moscow is Remy. Here you can find great main courses, we specifically recommend the green salad with avocado, the truffle burger and of course the oven-fresh bread, which is so delicious and even sometimes its even still warm, when you get it delivered. Here you can also easily order through the Yandex eat app.


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Photo credits: Moscowliving

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