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Updated: Jan 25


Moscow is a perfect place for winter sports with all this snow! But what are the best places to ski near Moscow? The nearby options have a limited altitude but there are a few higher slopes in a 1-1.5 hour drive.

Sorochany / Сорочаны -

This is the most modern and the largest ski area - only a 1.5 hour drive from Moscow. It has restaurants, a daycare, ski rental and ski schools. For beginners this area is perfect to practice. You can easily go here for a day trip, but if you'd like to stay overnight try this hotel complex.

- Lifts#: 10 (see the map here)

- Maximal height: 225m

- Location: Der. Kurovo 68, Dimitrovsky rayon (49km from MKAD)

Shukolovo / Шуколово (« Горнолыжный клуб Леонида Тягачева ») -

This ski area is 1 hour north of Moscow and offers a good practice area for a day trip. It also has ski rental, a ski school and a restaurant.

It only has 1 chairlift, the rest is tow-lifts.

See the map here.

The maximum height difference is 90 meters and the longest trail is 1050 meters.

- Lifts #: 13

- Maximal height: 200m

- Location: Shukolovo, North from Moscow

Stepanovo and Volen -

These are 2 very small ski areas - mostly for beginners. It has 3 lifts and you can ski on 2 mountains. There is a ski rental and a restaurant. If you are a little more advanced we recommend to go to nearby Sorochany.

- Lifts#: Stepanovo 2, Volen 3 (see the map here)

- Maximal height: 200m

- Location: Ulitsa Troiskaya 2, Yakhroma. North from Moscow

Krylatskoe «Lata-Trek» -

The ski slopes at Krylatskoe are perfect for a day trip because it's within the MKAD and easy to reach by metro! You can see Moscow skyline from the top of the hill! There are several ski schools and rental options, as well as a tubing slope & rental. Great family activity!

- Lifts #: 4

- Maximal height: 63m

- Location: Krylatskaya Ulitsa 1, North-West of Moscow

Chylkovo / Чулково («Горнолыжный клуб Гая Северина») -

After Krylatskoe this is the closest ski area to Moscow, just outside of the MKAD. It only has 3 lifts and 3 slopes with an altitude of 75 meter. But if you just want to practice a bit, it's fine for a day trip. You can even go there by metro & taxi.

- Lifts #: 3 (see the map here)

- Maximal height: 75m

- Location: South-East from Moscow

Kant / Кант -

This is the largest area close to the city center, you can easily reach it by metro (Nagornaya). It has 17 slopes, a ski school, ski rental and a huge ski store. The altitude is only 55m, but for the little ones this is perfect to learn how to ski!

- Lifts #: 8

- Maximal height: 55m

- Location: Electrolitny perelok 7/2

All in all there are a few nearby ski options, but if you'd like to get the full experience and you have a free weekend, take the effort to go to Sochi! It's just a 1,5 hour flight and an hour taxi drive and you'll enjoy Russia's high quality powder snow on the beautiful mountains of Roza Khutor!

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