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Moscow is the perfect place for winter sports with all this snow! But what are the best places to ski near Moscow? The nearby options have a limited altitude but there are a few other options on a 1-1,5 hour drive.

Sorochany -

This is the most modern and largest ski area and only a 1,5 hour drive from Moscow. It has restaurants, a daycare, ski rental and ski schools. For beginners this area is perfect to practice. You can easily go here for a day trip, but if you'd like to stay overnight try:, or the next door hotel complex

- Lifts#: 10 (

- Highest mountain 225m

- Location: Der. Kurovo 68, Dimitrovsky rayon (49km from MKAD)

Shukolovo « Горнолыжный клуб Леонида Тягачева » -

This is the ski area where the ski team that usually trains indoor at "снеж.ком" trains on their outside practices. It's 1 hour north of Moscow and offers a good practice area for a day trip. It also offers ski rental, a ski school and a restaurant.

It only has 1 chairlift, the rest is tow-lifts.

- Lifts #: 13

- Highest mountain: 200m

- Location: D. Schukolovo, Dimitrovsky rayon


These are 2 very small ski areas that are mostly suitable for beginners. It has 3 lifts and you can ski on 2 mountains. There is a ski rental and a restaurant. If you are a little more advanced we recommend to go to nearby Sorochany.

- Lifts#: Stepanovo 2, Volen 3 (

- Highest mountain: 200m

- Location: Ulitsa Troiskama 2, Yakhroma

Krylatskoe «Lata-Trek» -

The ski slopes at Krylatskoe are perfect for a day trip because it's within the MKAD and easy to reach by metro! There a several ski schools and rental options, so perfect for learning to ski or for a sporty day trip with the skyline of Moscow city :). There's also a tubing slope & rental. Great family activity!

- Lifts #: 4

- Highest mountain: 63m

- Location: Krylatskaya Ulitsa 1

Chylkovo «Горнолыжный клуб Гая Северина» -

After Krylatskoe this is the closest ski area to Moscow, just outside of the MKAD. It only has 3 lifts and 3 slopes with an altitude of 75 meter. But if you just want to practice a bit, it's fine for a day trip. You can even go here by metro & taxi.

- Lifts #: 3 (

- Highest mountain: 75m

- Location: P. Telmana, Ramensky rayon

Kant -

This is the largest area close to the city that you can reach by metro (Nagornaya). It has 17 slopes, a ski school, ski rental and a huge ski store. The altitude is only 55m, but for the little ones this is perfect to learn how to ski!

- Lifts #: 8

- Highest mountain: 55m

- Location: Electrolitny perelok 7/2

All in all there are a few nearby ski options, but if you'd like to get the full experience and if you can go for a weekend, take the little effort to go to Sochi! It's just a 1,5 our flight and a 45 min. taxi drive and you'll enjoy Russia's high quality powder snow on the beautiful mountains of Roza Chutor!

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