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Best sushi - Top 10

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

If you're a sushi lover you have many options in Moscow. But the challenge is where to find the best places? Fresh fish, fresh rice and preferably a nice setting. We list our favourites in this post. As there are still many places for us to try, this is a dynamic list and we'll keep you updated!

So is your favourite not listed? Email us on and we'll check it out....

1- Rybasushioysters

In the cozy Usachevsky market you'll find the freshest sushi in Moscow! Fresh fish, luke warm rice, fresh oysters, enjoy them in our favourite foodmarket of Moscow. Great atmosphere! It's very casual though, so if you're up for something fancy try another place of this list.

Location: Usachevsky market, Usacheva Ulitsa 26

2- Cutfish bistro

Voted best sushi place by many of you!

The quality of the sushi and other dishes is always good and fresh here! The atmosphere is a bit neutral, but definitely one of the best pure sushi options in town. And now on 2 locations!

Location: Bolshoi Kozichinski perelok 17/1 & Petrovka Ulitsa 12

3- Tokyo

This place is all about freshness&simplicity and the result is very tasty&pure sushi. The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm & nice and they also have a food stall in "Central Market". Best total concept: quality&cozy!

Location: Bolshaya Nikitskaya 22/2 & Central Market

4- Totoro

Their sushi is great, especially the spicy scallop&wasabi and shrimp guacamole. The interior is quite boring though and so was the atmosphere, because it was empty. If you go with a big group or sit on their terrace it's nice.

Location: Kutuzovski Prospect 2/1

5- Fumisawa

Definitely one of the freshest sushi in Moscow, but highly overpriced. So check out their fairly priced business lunch! This is probably why the place is quite empty even on summer evenings on their lovely, colorful terrace. The interior is quite traditional and bright.

Location: Petrovka Ulitsa 5

6- Nobu

Maybe the best Asian in town, but way overpriced and as a result empty. The business lunch (starting 750 RB) and kids menu's are good options to enjoy their very high quality sushi & other tasty dishes. But if atmosphere is important for you, there are better options in this list.

Location: Bolshaya Dimitrovka 20/1

7- Kido

This new sushi place has a very nice&warm atmosphere. Very bright with the surrounding windows and full with people. The sushi is good, not outstanding. The menu offers a lot, from pure sushi, to creative rolls, to salads and warm dishes. As a whole a great place to go!

Location: Sivtsev Vrazhek perelok 8/16

8- Shiba

Definitely a nice setting and great sushi. Crispy seaweed on the hand rolls. Try to reserve a table at the window for the best spot.

Location: Bolshoy Palashevsky perelok 1/14

9- Insight:

If you'd like to eat high quality sushi with a view, this is the place to go! Although it's quite an experience, do take into account that it's highly overpriced and you pay for pretentiousness. But it has a lively atmosphere and turns into a nightclub after 23.30.

Location: Moscowicity

10- Yoko:

Especially the handrolls and gunkan are good with fresh fish&crispy seaweed. The interior is a bit sterile and business like, which is perhaps the reason why it was empty for lunch.

Location: Soymonovsky proezd 5/2

11- U-me

This sushi place is the most authentic as you can see in their offering & interior. The Japanese like it for the very pure fish and high quality, but it can be a bit too intense for everyone's taste. The regular sushi&gunkan will impress you though! Easy delivery by mobile app.

Location: Pokrovka Ulitsa 38A

Photo credits: Tripadvisor, restaurant Facebook pages

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