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Best weekend getaways - Moscow


Moscow is an amazing city, but let's be honest, sometimes you need a break from all the buzz. What are the best weekend getaways from Moscow? We list our favorite and personally tested destinations here and we hope to inspire you to book a nice weekend trip for you or your family. Enjoy and let us know what your best weekend getaway is, so we can try it out!

SOCHI - powder skiing

If you like skiing or snowboarding, go check out the beautiful slopes, perfect dry powder snow and modern facilities in Sochi! The town of Roza Khutor looks like a Hollywood film set aiming to copy the atmosphere from the Alps. But although it lacks authenticity it is very nicely done, with high quality lifts, stylish restaurants and even great slopesiderestaurants for high quality lunch and entertaining apres-ski! You can also stay in Krasnaya Polyana, but this is a smaller area and further away from the main hub in Roza Khutor.

This is a perfect weekend trip, only a 1,5 hour flight from Moscow, multiple times a day (although we strongly recommend to fly from the highly efficient and nice airport Vnukovo). Arriving there just order a Get taxi van which takes you to Roza Khutor in 40 minutes for 2500RB

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RIGA - romantic city trip

Riga is only a 1,5 hour flight from Moscow, so it makes this an ideal location for a city trip. Riga is a very pretty, cozy and fun city with many things to do for both kids & adults. You can discover the city by boat, by bus or by foot. At night Riga is a very lively city with many bars & terraces. And don't forget to visit "Jurmala" (30 min. drive)

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GOLDEN RING - culture & architecture

This is a great cultural getaway for a weekend! We visited during summer time but we could imagine how magical this area must look covered in snow. Spring and Autumn might be a bit muddy though so probably less recommendable. Vladimir and Suzdal form the most important cities of the so called Golden Ring of Moscow. The towns have been called "open-air museums" and feature unique monuments of Russian architecture of the 12th–18th centuries, including kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals and churches.

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KOPRINO - relax on the Wolga

You need to suffer a bit in the car to finally get to enjoy the beautiful nature and experience of the Wolga river. But the trip is definitely worth it! Koprino Bay Hotel is located just by the water in a nice pine tree forest. The hotel offers rooms and houses of different sizes for rent. You come here to experience the fantastic nature and the great spa they have. The spa is located straight on the river bank with impressive views and an outdoor Jacuzzi.

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ST. PETERSBURG - cultural city trip

The "Venice" of Russia and only 4 hours away by the very comfortable Sapsan high speed train is a must visit for everyone who lives in Moscow. St. Petersburg feels completely different, with it's small size, charming architecture and bay location. It feels more European than Moscow, but is definitely also more touristy. If you know where to go, besides the major highlights it is a great weekend getaway! And the best thing is that you can do everything on foot!

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MURMANSK - winter adventure

If you like nature you should visit "Arctic Land" in winter! It's paradise with trees covered in iced snow, blue skies, snowy landscapes, beautiful husky dogs and reindeers. And if you're lucky you'll even see the northern light! There are many day trips from Murmansk city to husky sledding and to view the northern light, but to get the full experience we advice you to stay 1 or 2 nights at "Arctic Land". They have 2 romantic houses for rent, the "arctic hut" which is for two people and a bigger house for 4-6 people. It's in the middle of nature, very private and even though it's basic, it's comfortable with a hot shower, a sauna and proper meals delivered to your hut.

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IZUMRUDNY LES - luxurious ekohotel

Only 1,5 hour drive from Moscow you'll find this picturesque chalet type resort where you can stay in the hotel or rent a chalet with your family or friends. It is brand new and all materials used are of high quality. It has a cozy atmosphere due to the forest surroundings, the lake and the natural elements.

There are many activities like a beautiful spa, banya's, a bathing house, 25m indoor pool, kids pool, gym, sports fields (outdoor&indoor), horse riding, playgrounds, a kids club, animal farm, ice-skating (in winter) and more.

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