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Bogdarnya - family hotel&farm

Only 3 hours drive from Moscow you can find this perfect weekend getaway where you can enjoy a rural and relaxed experience with your family. They have a family hotel with restaurant and 2 larger group accommodations at a lake with self-catering or food service. There's an animal farm and you can enjoy sled or horse rides, sauna, lake side pick nick or BBQ and more, all organized on request by the friendly owners. If you want to avoid the traffic take the 1 hour and 45 minute express train (the regular one doesn't have a toilet!) ride from Kurskaya railway station in Moscow to Petushki station and the owners will pick you up. You can also combine visist to Bogdarnya with Suzdal, they can even arrange a car&driver for you.

We can especially recommend the colorful house you see on the pictures. It was comfortable for 3 families (3 family rooms) and located at an amazing setting. You can order your BBQ meat & sides and breakfast up front and they'll deliver it to your home. Do plan 1 pick-nick lunch, farm visit and carriage ride on the main premises. It will take you 30 minutes by the bus that picks you up.

Very relaxing and entertaining experience, even wort a visit for 2 days and 1 night!

TIP! Bring Mosquito repellent ;)

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Photo credits: personal collection & Bianca Gommers

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