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Borrachitos bar - hidden Mexican gem

Updated: Nov 29, 2019


This is the place you would never find yourself by accident. Although the address is Tverskaya, Borrachitos is hidden behind the Intercontinental hotel.

We got Borrachitos bar recommended by a Mexican friend and brought the whole family to check it out on a Saturday night. As we had been told, Borrachitos is indeed a very simple place with food ordered from the counter and the place is not fancy by any means. We came there solely for the Mexican food which we craved for.

Borrachito’s interior is quite untypical for Moscow. It provides a very low key and unpretentious bar interior: just a few wooden tables, white ceiling and walls, some mix of antique furniture.

From the menu on the wall we ordered beef and chicken tacos, nachos and quesadilla. The bar serves also countless beers and IPAs on tap and the bar-man gladly offered sample tastings to help us in the complex but entertaining selection process. As we found out later - the owners are very interested in beers.

The ordered food arrived very quickly. The flavors were just great and completely true to the original. Crispy nachos with black bean sauce and melted cheese disappeared in seconds from our table. Tacos tasted very authentic and yummy. Our recommendation is slow cooked beef and chicken tacos. Next time we will try pork tacos and guacamole.

We spoke with the owner after the dinner, she works in the bar with her co-owner/husband. She explained to us that they have only Mexican chefs in the kitchen and all the personnel speaks English. Though the restaurant operates from 16.00, they serve breakfast and coffee to cover the rent, so do not be surprised to see a large coffee machine.

Borrachitos is a place to grab a beer and indulge authentic Mexican food. The bar is popular on weekends, so it is recommended to book a table.

Location: Tverskaya 22A, str 3

Metro: Maykovskaya

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Photo credits: Borrachitosbar

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