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How to get around Moscow by bus?

Updated: May 11, 2021

Metro can bring you everywhere, and often times faster than a car. However going short distances inside the Garden Ring by metro often looks like this: going down to the station, waiting for the train, going one or two stops, changing lines, one or two stops more, to the escalator again and then walking to your destination. In total it consumes a lot of time and energy! In the center of Moscow taking a bus can be a smarter solution.

Find your street / area in the routes list below or open and see if buses can be useful for your usual commutes.

There are several routes running through the Moscow center. Most of them has Kitay-Gorod metro station (exit 10) as their starting point.

904 runs North-West along Tverskaya and Leningradsky Prospect. You can get to Pushkin Square, to Mayakovskaya, Belorussky railway station or the Russian Impressionism Museum, to Sokol and Mitino (good for Rosinka residents).

Buses going in the reverse direction (towards the Kremlin) are marked as M10. They turn to the right at the end of Tverskaya and go to Leninsky Prospect.

M9 goes North - via Bolshaya Lubyanka, Sretenka, Prospect Mira streets. It is a good way to get to Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden, Rizhsky flower market or even to VDNKh.

144 runs around the Kremlin via Lubyanka square, Teatralnaya (Bolshoi Theatre) squares and then goes across the river along Leninsky Prospect, all the way to is end. This route can help getting to Muzeon/ Gorky Park and New Tretyakov Gallery.

M7 runs the other direction than most of the buses - to South-East, towards Taganskaya Square. It can be a convenient transport to get to Bunker 42, for example, or Detsky Park Tagansky with its big playground.

M27 connects Tagansky area to Kitay-Gorod and then goes along New Arbat, passing Kievskaya and Ukraine Hotel. It terminates at Park Pobedy.

M2 is also useful for those who live in New Arbat. You can get to Lubyanka square and Prospect Mira.

M6 can be handy if you live near Barrikadnaya / the Zoo. It can get you to the Bolshaya Nikitskaya with its Moscow Conservatory and multiple places to eat, then to the Kremlin, and then - to the other side of the river (Zamoskvorechye) to Polyanka street.

M5 also goes to the South bank of the Moskva-river. You can get to Tretyakov Gallery, Mizva Bar or Oblomov Restaurant by it.

M3 connects Luzhniki area (where you might like to go to run/ walk/ swim in a pool), Christ the Savior Cathedral, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Kremlin and then it goes East along Maroseyka and Pokrovka, to Bauman Garden.

M10 connects the Kremlin area to Pushkin Square and then reaches Novoslobodskaya.

Б - runs around the Garden Ring. You can get to Gorky Park, Arbat, Mayakovskaya, Kurskaya, etc.

A - runs along the Western side of the Boulevard Ring and Tsvetnoy Boulevrad.

Download this Moscow buses map here as PDF:

Download PDF • 2.08MB

Or open in on this website -

Where to buy the bus ticket in Moscow?

Pay for the ride tapping your Troyka card (the same you are using in the metro) at the yellow terminal inside the bus. Get the Troyka and top it up in advance in the metro or at the kiosks (like the one below) near some bus stops. One bus ride costs 42 rubles.

Where is the nearest bus stop and when my bus will arrive?

Open Yandex.Maps app, find your location, zoom in and you will see bus stops icons along the street. Tap on one and see the buses estimated arrival time and their routes.

These buses are scheduled to come every 10 minutes. They run on separate lines of the road, but sometimes still stuck in traffic. To see where your bus is at the moment and how soon it arrives, open Yandex. Maps again, tap on the bus stop you need and see the buses in real time. In the same app you can find the best route from A to B.

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