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Charge your phone on the go - a new service

It often happens that your phone shows less battery left than you need until the moment you will get to a charger and a socket. Of course, you can charge your phone in a metro train (if you have a cable), but what if a metro ride is not in your nearest plans?

You have probably seen these machines mushrooming around the city - first, in underground passages, and then - in cafes, shops and sport clubs. Here you can rent a power bank for any time starting from 30 minutes.

There are several competing brands. The most widespread are EnerGo (the yellow kiosks), Бери Заряд (blue) and Get Energy (green).

Let's see how to use it, on the example of Бери заряд. First 30 minutes of the power bank rent is free, than you will be charged 100 rubles a day.

1. Download their app. You will have to enter your phone number and create a password. Email is needed if you want to receive receipts.

2. Find the nearest blue dot to where you are, click on it to check how many power banks are available.

3. When you are there, click "take a charge" and take a photo of the QR-code on the machine or type its number in.

4. Enter your card number to let a deposit being charged.

5. To return the power bank, find the blue dot again and check how many empty slots are available. Put the battery into the slot.

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