Charity Shop - Donating used clothes

Where to take used clothes, shoes or a bag you don't need anymore?

Charity Shop (or Vtoroye Dykhaniye - Second Breath) is a fund which takes used clothes for being either 1) properly recycled, or 2) given to the people in need in smaller Russian towns and villages (including women with low salaries like nurses in provincial clinics), or 3) sold in one of their shops in Moscow, Kazan, Kostroma, or Yaroslavl.

Vtoroye Dykhanie has four shops in Moscow: You can bring clothes directly where - and maybe buy something new for yourself! They sell only modern looking things of good brands, in perfect condition.

You can also leave your used, but clean clothes in their branded containers in several Moscow malls and other public spaces. Find the nearest one on the map here (pink dots).

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