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Commemorative Dinner on the Ring Line

Would you be surprised by a group of people around a fully served table in a metro train? This was what Moscow metro passengers saw in the evening on the 24th of August 2007.

A group of performance artists Voyna (War) wanted to pay respect to the memory of the famous avant-guard poet Dmitry Prigov. Prigov (born in 1940) liked to shock a reader with his poems and was a friend of Voyna. They were preparing a new happening together (Voyna members were to carry a wardrobe with Prigov in it to the 20th floor of the Moscow State University, while the poet was to be reading his poems out loud), when the poet suddenly died after a heart attack. Forty days later the young artists from Voyna decided to commemorate the poet’s memory in a way he would approve and enjoy. They carried a foldable tables, dishes and several backpacks of food and drinks into the last carriage of the train, unfolded and served the tables quickly and began their dinner. They thought police would come in after several stops - but no one paid attention. They went a full circle along the Ring line (45 minutes) and left the train on the same station they had started. The table with all the food and drinks continued its journey unattended.

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