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Constructivist masterpieces tour

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

November 21st, Sunday

10 am - 1 pm

Cost: 3000 RUB

On Sunday come with us to explore Constructivism legacy. It will be a three hour driving tour with 7+ stops at the most remarkable buildings.

"People are bored and confused with these monotone boxes, circles and triangles. Give them festive, beautiful, conceivable architecture!" was written in "Soviet Architecture" magazine in 1932.

At first after the revolution of 1917 it seemed: there will be no place for silly embellishment in the new world of the new man. Functionality and usability first!

Painters put aside their canvases and oil and plunged into design and architecture.

Why then was Constructivists condemned so severely a decade later?..

Learn this and rediscover Moscow Constructivism with us on the 21st of November. In three hours we will see masterpieces by Konstantin Melnikov, Vesnins brothers, Ilya Golosov. Between the points of interest we will be getting by a warm comfortable vehicle.

The attendants of this tour will get a promo code for a trip to Baikal lake in February!

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