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24/10 - Cooking Russian dishes

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

24th of October at 12 pm

There is only one way to cope with falling temperature outside - to boost it from inside with warm, invigorating food!

Russian cuisine perfectly matches autumn and winter - it was designed to warm up, reassure and comfort the eater.

At the cooking class you will learn more about local food and will cook two dishes:

1. A life-giving salty-sour soup solyanka. Not as banal as borsch and more tasteful, but same beloved.

2. Proper bliny. It seems a simple dish, but how many secrets one should know to make them flexible, "lacy", "tanned", with the right balance of savory and sweet flavor.

Solyanka recipe

Thick chicken (or beef) broth

Smoked turkey (or ham)





Liquid from the tins of olives and capers





Salty/pickled cucumbers with liquid


Sunflower oil

1. Cut smoked turkey into thin strips ans sausages into round pieces.

Onion, cucumbers and carrots cut into thin strips, too, сut up garlic and olives into small pieces.

2. Fry onion in a pot with some oil, on high flame. When it begins to soften, add carrots. Wait until onion start to become transparent, and add butter. Add cucumbers with some liquid they were in. Mix the vegetables all the time not letting them scorch.

3. Add turkey, sausages and beef, fry a little more (about 1 minute) mixing regularly, then add a little of broth. Add garlic. Continue adding broth - enough to not let the pot’s content scorch, but not too much so that it doesn’t lose boiling temperature.

4. Add cut up olives, capers and the liquid they were in and leave on low flame for about 7 minutes.

5. Serve with two pieces (¼) of lemon, sour cream and spring onion/dill/parsley.

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