Altai Adventures with Gabriela & Aleksander

WE ARE Alexander (Russia) and Gabriela (UK). We met on a 10 day trekking and white water rafting tour in the Altai back in 2012. I had just graduated from university, was gung-ho for adventure, and equipped with little more than a dozen memorized Russian phrases and expedition training dating back to my British RAF cadet days.

Aleksander, a rough and ready Russian wearing the standard Russian army issue telnyashka (stripy blue and white vest top), was one of my guides. I instantly took a liking to his sharp sense of orientation and fell into step with his military-like march. Eight years and many more experiences later, we’ve reunited to continue exploring what is colloquially known as the “Russian Alps” or “Siberian Switzerland” to share this with those equally afflicted by wanderlust; those wishing to experience real, rugged adventures and the sheer expanse and beauty of some of Russia's wildest nature.

Aleksander has over 15 years experience as an outdoors instructor, which includes mountain, water, horseback and caving, among other activities. He has 9 years experience leading white water rafting tours along rivers in the Altai. Me — Gabriela — I’m slowly qualifying for my outdoor instructor training. In the meantime, I’m the team’s virtual and on-the-ground interpreter, as well as online presence-pusher. We are able to organize group and individual tours by foot, raft, horse, 4x4 or rope.

📍All routes are registered with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. 📍 As part of the tour price, we can provide tents if necessary. 📍The tour price includes travel from the village of Ust-Muny and back, accommodation at camp(s)/hostel(s), meals on the route, the instructors’ guidance, excursions, and equipment. Participants should make their own way to Novosibirsk or Gorno-Altaysk. From there, we can arrange to collect you.

📍 For all tours, participants should be fairly active in everyday life. Email us at, DM us via our Instagram page @siberianadventurers or WhatsApp📞+7 968 740 00 99 for more details! Also follow us on IG to stay tuned on further tours coming up!

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