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Counseling - Helena Mortansdóttir

We aim to help you maximize life in Moscow, and make it more easy and fun. But starting all over again, in a new country without your family and friends, getting acquainted with a new culture and language, supporting your children through change etc., can and will not always be easy and fun. 

Counseling is a very personal subject, but if you are considering professional support, we can recommend Helena Mortansdóttir. Helena is a trained Psychotherapist, with special training in family and couple therapy and  with more than six years work experience of counseling individuals, couples, families and adolescents. Helena has worked with Child Protection Service in The Faroe Islands and at The Women’s Protection House in Iceland. 

Helena is from The Faroe Islands, and has also lived in Denmark, Iceland and in Russia. She has discovered that the common issues among expats are: transition, stress, anxiety, friendship, networking, identity loss/gain, loneliness, parenting and child and adolescent behavior, relationship, guest/relatives visiting, cultural interaction and alienation, to name some of the most common issues.  Helena offers private practice and group counseling. It is important to her that you feel safe and heard in your sessions, and she creates a safe environment for her clients, where they feel comfortable.

Phone: +7 926 484 0305

Metro: Biblioteka imeni Lenina

Photo credits: Self made

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