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Counseling – Sidsel Byskov Hansen

We aim to help you maximize life in Moscow and make it more easy and fun. But starting all over again in a new country without your family and friends, getting acquainted with a new culture and language, supporting your children through change etcetera can and will not always be easy and fun. Counseling is a very personal subject but if you are considering professional support, we can recommend Sidsel Byskov Hansen.

Sidsel is a trained Psychology Counselor and Cultural Sociologist with more than 17 years work experience of counseling individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents. She is specialized in family, couple, transition, cross cultural and migration counseling, elite sports counselor and career counseling. Sidsel has lived and worked in Russia, UK, Switzerland, Iceland and Denmark. For the past 4 years she has worked as a private counselor in Moscow and had more than 500 hours of counseling consultations with 26 different cultures in Moscow Bases on an effect evaluation of her clients in Moscow, she has discovered common complaints among expats: Transition Stress Anxiety Friendship Network Health Identity loss/gain Loneliness Parenting Child and Adolescent behaviour Relationship Guest/relatives visiting Cultural interaction Alienation Substance abuse The future Depending on your needs and her advice, Sidsel offers private practice, group counseling as well as home visits. Sidsel Byskov Hansen Phone +7 (985) 8993605 Email

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