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Personal Matroesjka - a Perfect Gift

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

This is the perfect birthday, work or "leaving Moscow" gift! A matroesjka customized with the faces of your family, your colleagues or you friends. Every time we gave this present it's a big success and big surprise!

There are only a few good artists who can create a very accurate doll for you and we can highly recommend Raisa, as we've seen her work for 5 different families and she is spot on! You can even customize the clothes or the images on the back, with the historical buildings of Moscow for example. Discuss your wishes and she will help you.

And the best thing is that you'll get a 20% discount if you order via us. Just copy our email address ( in your order and Raisa will offer you this discount.

Regular prices:

21 см 4-х dolls = 24.000 RB - (4800 RB discount)

18 см 4-х dolls = 20.000 RB - (4000 RB discount) 15 см 4-х dolls = 16.000 RB - (3200 RB discount)

Photo credits: Raisa

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