Depo - trendy food court & market

Updated: May 21, 2019


This newest food market in town is worth a visit. The overall atmosphere is vibrant and promising, although it's not completely finished yet and it can be a bit chaotic in a friendly way.

The quality of the grocery stalls is quite good and fairly priced, so we find this place perfect for combining shopping with a quick lunch. The building is an original tram park from 1903 and the seating area downstairs is nicely decorated in this theme. Compared to some other food markets there's plenty of seating space here. Upstairs there will even be a kids playroom.

Bring home the Georgian lavash, the crispy bread from the bakery, fresh meat (that can be sealed), cheese, juicy fruit&veggies, nuts and olive oil from the specialty store.

You can also order via Yandex delivery, but then you miss out on the lively experience of visiting Depo.

For lunch we can recommend:

- the plov @ Batmen &Uzbeki

- the dumplings @ Lamjan Chinese

- Vietnames Pho @ Pho Bo

- sushi @Ribasushioysters

- salmon poke bowl @ Soul in the bowl

Photo credits: Facebook page & private collection

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