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Dinner salad with fresh salmon

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

A beautiful full meal salad with ingredients the whole family likes! It has some similarities with a Nicoise but since not all ingredients of that tasty French salad are easy to find here, we made a version of our own.

Preparation time 30 minutes

Serves 4 people


4 x 120g fresh (unsalted) salmon fillets, pin boned (we buy them at Metro)

4 large eggs

250g sugar snaps, cleaned (MoscowFresh)

100g salad leaves

8 small potatoes, pealed and cut in halves

A hand full of good quality black olives (any tips on where to buy the best?)


120g of Greek yoghurt (our favorite is from Vkusvill)

Olive oil

Splash of red wine vinegar

Sea salt & black pepper

You can either choose to steam the salmon above a pan of lightly salted, boiling water or bake it in the oven at 200 degree Celcius for 20 minutes until just cooked. Boil both the eggs and the sugar snaps for 6 minutes. If you steam the salmon, you can add the eggs and sugar snaps to the boiling water underneath the salmon after the salmon has steamed for 14 minutes. Otherwise bring two pans of water to the boil, add the sugar snaps and eggs and cook them for 6 minutes.

In the mean time, boil your potatoes until you can easily stick a fork into them. Drain them in a sieve and let them cool a little bit.

Make a dressing out of the greek yoghurt, vinegar and season tot taste with salt and pepper. Cut the black olives in two.

Remove the salmon to a board. Quickly rinse the sugar snaps under cold, bottled water, drain them, toss them in the dressing and divide them between your plates. Refresh the eggs under cold water until cool enough to handle, then peel and cut into quarters. Flake over the salmon, arrange the eggs and potatoes on top and divide the olives between the plates. Finish with some good quality olive oil and extra black pepper.


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