Dionis Cafe #1 - Indian food delivery

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

This is a very convenient option if you're looking for a high quality food delivery in several " world kitchens", like Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and more. Even if you live in an area where Yandex & Delivery club don't come, Dionis will deliver. There's a minimum order amount, depending on where you live, but for an order of 2200RB they deliver anywhere in Moscow.

We especially recommend the Indian selection, with a tender&tasty Chicken Tikka and Tikka massala. You can order online in English, pay with your card on delivery and tell them how spicy you like your food. They also speak English when they call to confirm your order. And the food is quite cheap so also perfect for ordering a bit extra and stocking it up in your freezer :)

Because they offer multiple types of food like, Vietnamese and Japanese, it's perfect if your family members all have a different preference.



Photo credits: restaurant Facebook page

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