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Dogs in the Metro

Moscow metro takes not only 8 million human passengers daily, but also about 50 stray dogs traveling by themselves.

This is statistics from the 2000s - early 2010ss. Then you could often see a dog waiting on a metro platform. When the train pulled up, the dog would step in, jump up to lie on a seat or sit on the floor if the carriage was crowded, and exit a few stops later. There was a full impression that the dog knows where she goes. You could see them changing lines, riding escalators, sneaking through turnstiles, skillfully avoiding guardian ladies’ attention.

Most likely they could recognize the station by the voiced announcement and by the travelling time. Their behavior looked unnaturally intellectual. Muscovites were puzzled. They posted their observations and pictures of the dogs om

These canines were the elite of all Moscow strays. Courage, intellect, an ability to go along with humans and even nice appearance (from the human’s view) helped them to overcome the limits of walking distance. In the last decade the number of stray dogs in Moscow decreased and so did chances of meeting them in the metro.

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