Drawn Life - Russian Impressionism Museum current exhibition

Updated: Feb 9

In Russia, Impressionism was largely overshadowed by other artistic movements - first, by Peredvizhniki group who aimed to show contemporary life unpolished, spiced with strong social criticism, and then by Russian Avant-Guard - an exceptionally vivid art wave which became known far beyond the national borders. But there still were enough talented artists who worked in the style of Impressionism, and Russian Impressionism Museum on Leningradsky Highway is a place to enjoy their uplifting and eye pleasing works.

The museum has a compact permanent collection on its two upper floors and temporal exhibitions on its underground floor.

Walk down a spiral staircase near the lockers to see the exhibition by Sergei Vinogradov (1869-1938). Even in the tough years of Russian Revolution and Civil War he kept saying "I want to paint only happy things". His works are indeed something therapeutic for mind and eyes. Sunlit rooms, peaceful living at the country estate, romantic gardens attracted him the most.

The exhibition will last until the end of March 2021.

Address: Leningradskoye Highway 15 bld. 11

Metro: Belorusskaya

Open daily 11.00-20.00, on Wednesday and Thursday - an hour later


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