European gymnastic classes - all ages

Updated: Jan 26

Several friends recommended this place to us and now we tried it we're also a fan! The European Gymnastics Center offers gymnastic classes for all age groups and you can easily sign up via their website or mobile application. Just select the preferred age group and time and your spot is reserved.

At the reception the girls speak English and some of the trainers also do. But honestly, for our kids it wasn't a problem, as the explanation and example of other kids was easy to follow.

Russians take their gymnastics very serious and that results in a very structured and effective class, even with the young ones. They learn how to balance, coordinate and develop a little strength while focusing in a playful way.

This is a perfect indoor activity where kids can release some energy while learning new skills!

The first class is for free, so just try it out and see how you like it. They have multiple locations, so check the nearest one on the website. After the trial you can decide to buy multiple sessions with a discount and you can just plan the session whenever you like, no fixed schedule needed.

Location: multiple locations

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