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Evening city walk. "Moscow goes shopping"


August, 4th


Red Square and the neighboring streets today belong to tourists & state institutions and locals can rarely be seen here. However, a bit over a century ago this place was essential for every Muscovite. The so-called "Gorod" trading quarters spread from Red Square to the Bolshoi Theater and Lubyanka. The place was filled with customers' murmur, merchants' shouts, clatter of horses hoofs... On the site of the modern GUM, in the depths of "Ryady" Trading Rows, one could find any treasures...

At the tour you will also learn: - how Moscow had all chances to become the world vegan capital; - what kind of posters people liked to hang on their walls; - for which holiday Muscovites used to buy living birds.

Participation: 1000 RUB

Send me a message or an email to and I will tell you where we meet

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