Evening walk. Zamoskvorechye

August 11th. 19.30

1000 RUB


Zamoskorechye is an area on the Southern side of the Moskva-river, a cozy district with several architectural gems. For over a century it was a traditional place of living for Moscow merchants.

Merchants, or "kuptsy", were not only a class of well-doing traders and producers, but also a social stratum who lived a more archaic, conservative lifestyle than their neighbors from the "Kremlin" side of the river - idle aristocrats. Intellectuals usually spoke about kuptsy with irony, ridiculing their tastes and habits. Was that for a reason? Maybe; however, at the turn of centuries (1890-1910ss) it got obvious that merchants were far ahead than high-born counterparts in terms of wealth, influence and charity.

At the tour you will also:

learn about making bells and paper,

customs of smoking, tea-drinking and jam-making,

and learn keeping track of time without buying an expensive clock.

Participation: 1000 RUB Write me to tips@moscowliving.org or send a PM to get the meeting point information.

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