Exotic Fruits, Sauces, and Tea from Vietnam

Updated: Dec 26, 2021


In the middle of winter there are few things you can crave more for than a tasteful juicy fruit.

"Hanoi-Moscow" shopping mall sells solely Vietnamese products. I got there looking for some good quality green tea, and found many more attractive things to taste.

The first floor of the mall is given entirely to food stores. Along with green tea in large, 500-1000 grams, packs (the tea is superb, by the way), you can find a wide range of noodles, all popular kinds of sauces, including a mix for Pho soup, dried mango and coconut, juices, and, of course, fresh fruits including guava, lychee, dragon fruit, mango and durian. All the sales assistants are Vietnamese, which is a guarantee that the products have got to Moscow the most direct way, without excessive intermediaries. You can feel it in their taste and price.

The food court on the 3rd floor offers all the main Vietnamese dishes. By that time you will probably start feeling hunger because it certainly took time to get to "Hanoi-Moscow" and will take the same to come back home. The shopping mall is on the crossroads of Yaroslavskoye Highway and MKAD. For me it is the furthest possible end of the city, but it is worth a stock-up trip once in a few months.

Address: Yaroslavskoye shosse, 146, 1


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